new user MS SQL integration

Hi everyone,

We are considering on our development team (VS2010, VB.NET, MS SQL 2008R2) the use of a tool for database version control. Found LiquiBase and started to take a look onto the manual, forums posts and other sources. Some questions arise:

  • is there an integrated IDE ?

  • is command line a MUST in order to get all the tasks done?

  • MS SQL server 2008R2 integration is at 100%? I saw a post on stackoverflow, about a year old, related with types used not longer supported (ex: NTEXT,IMAGE)

  • is data control integrated too?

In case we begin using it, wich should be the first steps to follow? Is there any tutorial? I’ve watched both videos available online (6min and 34min), really interesting but no clue on how to start using the tool.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the slow delay. Vacations, holidays, all.

There is not currently an integrated IDE, although I am looking at creating one. For now, it is purely manually modifying the text changelog files during development.

Command line is not a must, you can also use other built-in execution methods (ant, maven, etc) or execute liquibase programmatic from a java runtime.

There is a quickstart guide ( ) which may help


Thanks for answering Nathan. Finally we decided to use Red Gate’s Source Control and SQL Compare. It is a paid tool yes, but one minute after you have it installed is already working. And right now we can not spend too much time learning how to use a new tool. Maybe in a close future we can explore a little bit more LiquiBase and see what can be done with it