Switching from SQL Change Automation to Liquibase

Hi All
Currently one of our products we use makes use of SQL Change Automation. The team at Redgate have now merged it with a whole set of products we wouldn’t use and boosted the price quite a bit. We are considering Liquibase as potentially an alternative but need some more info!
If you have switched from change automation to this how did you do it and how easy was it?
How long did it take you to switch with how many people working on the switch?
What features are missing/ gained from switching to this?


@Charlie96 ,

I will allow @mariochampion / @Pete speak to product parity, but I have a quick way to assess Liquibase that also adds to your professional profile: How about try the Liquibase Fundamentals course? Its about 6 hrs, I just did an hour after work and finished it within a week.


Hey @Charlie96 ,

Why don’t you schedule some time with our Product team: Calendly - Liquibase Outreach

They can walk you through product parity and best practices to migrate off the Redgate system.