Offline changelog feature usage

I understand that Liquibase finally supports off-line generation of changelogs. That’s great news!

Currently I use something like:

  1. Thanks for implementing this!

Instead of passing a live liquibaseDatabaseConnection into findCorrectDatabaseImplementation you construct an instance of liquibase.database.OfflineConnection. The constructor takes a url that matches the documentation, like “offline:mysql”. lists the databases liquibase supports. Supported versions are tougher because for the most part the SQL generated by liqubase for a database tries to be fairly old-version compatible and so is forward compatible by the database vendor. There are places where there are “if databaseversion > X then output this SQL instead” blocks but they are scattered.

I’m working to get a better test suite with multiple versions of different databases so I can have a real list of supported versions but haven’t got to that point yet.


Ah, great. Are the version numbers actually used to create different results based on it?

In that case, documentation of the supported version number ranges would be great.

Any news on being able to specify versions?

You can specify the version number in the offline URL like: offline:mysql?version=5.6.27