Overwrite changeSetAuthor


how can I overwrite changesetauthor in changelog file?
I’m using the following command:

liquibase --defaultsFile .\src\main\resources\common\liquibase.properties --logFile=test.log --changeSetAuthor TEST --logLevel=info diff-changelog

Liquibase version: 4.8.0

What are we trying to accomplish here? Can you explain the use case for us?

I have a CI/CD build pipeline. There I call Liquibase via the above command. But Liquibase takes the environment variable “user.name” for the author by default. But since this is not the user who triggered the pipeline, I would like to give the author via command line. Unfortunately this does not work with the argument “–changeSetAuthor”. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

You could reset your user.name environment variable before you call the previous command in your pipeline. Looks like you are using windows with the \ in the path so set user.name=changeauthor and then unset it after your call to the command.

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So there is no possibility to set the author in Liquibase? That is, changeSetAuthor is not used. I try the suggestion with user.name environment.

Thank you Mike, that worked.