PostgresTypeConverter does not override getNumberType

I noticed that the PostgresTypeConverter does not override the method getNumberType.  The default implementation, as provided by the AbstractTypeConverter, is to return a new NumberType. The constructor for NumberType calls the super-constructor with a dataTypeName parameter of “NUMBER”.

Now Postgres does not know a NUMBER datatype, but it does know NUMERIC.

So I have the following question: why is the getNumberType method in PostgresTypeConverter not overridden as:

    @Override public NumberType getNumberType() {     return new NumberType("NUMERIC"); }

Great! Thanks for the effort.


It should be.  I committed that change.  Thanks for pointing it out.


As a turnaround PGSql recognize DECIMAL(X,Y) as a valid Datatype 



One can use DECIMAL Instead of NUMBER, This one is correctly handled.

Btw , it seems that NUMBER is not a SQL 92 datatype …