rc2 to rc6 migration resulted in checksum failures using sqlFile

We upgraded liquibase from liquibase-2.0-rc2 to liquibase-2.0-rc6.
We have a number of existing changesets that use external sqlFile tags.
After the upgrade, a number of the sqlFile changesets failed due to invalid checksums.
Not sure if anything else failed (it stopped after 10 errors, i
Checking the changeset and ddl files, diff returns nothing.

Is there a maintenance step to update the checksums - eg would changelogSync do this for us?

Could you try it with the new RC7?  I changed the checksum version with RC7, which should make it handle upgrades better. 

OTherwise, there is a “clearCheckSums” that will update databasechangelog to have a null value for the checksum column which will make liquibase silently update it to the new correct value on the next update.


thanks for the reply.

we downloaded rc7 and it gave us more checksum failures than rc6 did.
the problems occur in changesets that use the and tags.
(have not done an exhaustive examination of this)

the workaround was to use clearCheckSums and rebuild the checksums.