Running multiple different change sets.


I might have a situation where I have several sub-projects, each with their own set of liquibase scripts, which coexist in the same database.

Does this cause problems for liquibase if I’m running updates from project A, and then a completely separate set of updates from project B?

(Assuming their schemas don’t interfere with each other of course.)

Does liquibase handle this?

BTW, I’ve noticed in the manual the list of Available Database Refactorings is only available on the home page, not in the table of contents sidebar, which is a bit annoying, and made me hunt around a lot looking for them before I figured it out.

It should not be a problem at all. 

My only thoughts:

  • If both projects have the same default schema where the liquibase tables are stored, only one will be able to update at a time due to the database changelog lock table. 
  • Both projects can share the same databasechangelog table, assuming that the path/filename of the databasechangelog scripts are unique between the projects
  • If they are that independent, would you want to at least separate them by schema?

Thanks for the thought on the manual.  I didn’t include the list on the sidebar fearing it will get too cluttered.  It does make for more clicking, however.  I’ll think about adding it to the sidebar as well.


How would this affect rollbacks? Couldn’t you potentially rollback more than you intended to if you’re using tagging for rollbacks?