same configuration file for Liquibase Maven Plugin and Spring Boot yaml

I don’t think there is an option with the current version of the liquibase plugin to have it get configured from a Spring Boot yaml file. I don’t know enough about Spring Boot to know whether it can be configured using a properties file. So if we assume that the software is unlikely to change to accomdate that request, your best bet would be to write a simple script around one or the other to translate the configuration into the needed format. 

For example, you could decide that the Spring Boot yaml file is the “one true source” for configuration, and then write a script that converts from the yaml format to a properties file for use by maven.

We do something like that here at Datical for test configuration - we have a single file that is actually a groovy data structure, and then we have a couple of scripts to convert that to either a properties file for our Java based integration tests or to a ruby file for our Ruby-based end-to-end tests. 

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Liquibase Community Engagement
Datical, Inc.


Currently i have two configuration files, one propertie file for liquibase maven plugin and another yaml file for my SpringBoot application

Do you have an idea or solution to have only One configuration file ?