Submit a patch for SpringLiquibase


I Just tried to submit a patch to SpringLiquibase via Jira and noticed I could not open a JIRA Issue without choosing a resolution, which is kind of funny, because the issue has no resolution.

Here is the text for the issue:

Hi, I attach a patch to the SpringLiquibase class-

I Changed SpringLiquibase to enable subclassing and manipulating the Database object before instanciating Liquibase - specifically I need it in order to specify a default schema before proceeding, but maybe someone else needs it also…

So one can now subclass the SpringLiquibase been and manipulate the Database before creating the Liquibase object itself…

Cheers, Ron

and the patch is also attached here.

Cheers, Ron

It is a weird thing with their UI, but the resolution isn’t actually set until you resolve the issue. 

I’ll get your patch applied, thanks!

In the future, you can commit directly to the liquibase codebase as well, as long as you have a jira username/password.  We are trying that approach to make contributing easier and less error prone.  We do review every commit done.