System.out message in InsertOrUpdateGeneratorMSSQL


I need to generate the SQL script for a large changelog against a MS Sql Server database. There is an annoying ‘generating’ message in the console output which ends up breaking the script that I’d like to get rid off. For instance:

  1. DECLARE @reccount integer
  2. SELECT @reccount = count(*) FROM [dbo].[NG_CONFIGURATION] WHERE [id_config] = NULL
  3. IF @reccount = 0
  4. BEGIN
  5. INSERT INTO [dbo].[NG_CONFIGURATION] ([cd_config], [cd_converter], [nm_config], [vl_config]) VALUES ('XSL_PATH', 'string', 'xxxx', generating
  6. generating
  7. generating
  8. generating
  9. generating
  10. '');
  11. END
  12. ELSE
  13. BEGIN
  14. UPDATE [dbo].[NG_CONFIGURATION] SET [cd_config] = 'XSL_PATH', [cd_converter] = 'string', [nm_config] = 'xxxx', [vl_config] = '' WHERE [id_config] = NULL;
  15. END
  16. GO

I noticed issue has been fixed for 2.0.2, but it seems there’s still an uncommented System.out statement in class line 53 which is causing this little annoyance.

Should I open a new issue for this?



Must have missed that. I took it out, thanks for catching it