@TableGenerator is ignored in diffDatabaseToChangeLog

I’m using JPA annotations in a Hibernate project and testing Liquibase for it�s usability
I have seen that currently persistence.xml files aren�t supported but will be in version
2.0 which is excellent (any idea when a final release is to be expected).
But another thing I�ve noticed is that in the diffDatabaseToChangeLog ant task it working
oke using the JPA annotations, but the @TableGenerator annotation is ignored.
I have defined for instance the following entity

@TableGenerator(name=“testGen”, table=“idgenerator”,

public class Test2 {
    @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.TABLE, generator=“testGen”)
    private Integer id;

When running diffDatabaseToChangeLog against an db not containing the table Test2
but it does contain the idgenerator table though. It results in the following


So the idgenerator table gets removed instead of maintained, this cannot be correct.
In case I specify a non-existing table generator table it isn�t created at all it seems like this is a bug.

We must have to include support for those annotations into our diff program.  I created an issue to make sure it is dealt with http://liquibase.jira.com/browse/CORE-443.

There isn’t a release date planned for 2.0 yet, although I would like to have it out by mid-sept at the latest, even if that means pushing some new features into 2.1.


Hi Nathan,
thanx for the quick reply, release in mid-sept sounds perfect to me. I’m looking forward to it  ::).