Tag changset in sql format

Formatted SQL does not attempt to handle any logical change command including tag, it only supports raw sql.

Currently the command to tag the database depends on the database type, but is basically:

  1. update databasechangelog set tag='YOUR_TAG' where dateexecuted = (select max(dateexecuted) from databasechangelog);

which you could call directly from the sql file


Ok, thanks. I would like to use sql format and have some features from xml (tag, preconditions, context etc.). Is it good practice to write changesets in xml and sql command always insert into sql tag?


Thank you.


is it possible to tag changeset in sql format? I found out it is posible in other format http://www.liquibase.org/documentation/changes/tag_database.html but sql format is missing.

Thank you.

Yes, that would be the best way to have a mix of raw sql with xml-changeset functionality.