Updates starting from ID

I’ve successfully managed to run Liquibase from my Java application using the update method.

Now my question is: can I somehow skip earlier migrations, i.e. start from a specified ID.

The reason I’m asking is that a new install of my program will create a new database itself and it would be a nightmare to refer this task to Liquibase. I just want to have Liquibase perform the updates for new versions. The database already keeps track of the current db schema version.

What would be best practice?

failOnError=“false” is not a good option because migrations could fail out of other reasons.

Using preconditions might be an option.

Setting up DATABASECHANGELOG myself and filling in entries for obsolete migrations depending on the db schema version?

Easiest would be for me if there was a parameter for Liquibase.update to define the ID to start from.

Thank you