Using Liquibase without logging changesets

Hello, we use Liquibase already in our pipelines to update schema etc. We have a requirement now to allow running any SQL against a database, every time.

My preference is to not touch the Liquibase tables, or even create them if Liquibase isn’t already being used to update schema of a database.

I know of the sql change type and using runAlways attribute, but I believe that will create the tables and track the changeset. Is there a way to avoid this?

The purpose of using Liquibase for this is as mentioned, we already have it in place for any project/team to consume in their pipelines. The other benefit is it abstracts from the underlying database, and we have Microsoft, Oracle, etc. databases.

I know there is an extension to not use the databasechangeloglock table, but I’ve never heard of a way to avoid using the databasechangelog table. @nvoxland might need to chime in on this one.