V4.0.0 questions


A couple of quick questions regarding V4.0.0:

I noticed in the release notes for 4.0.0 beta1 that it mentions UUID type handling improvements. Does anyone know what these improvements are? We’re planning to use UUIDs on a couple of our tables and it would be good to know if the changes to UUID handling in 4.0.0 would make it worthwhile upgrading (we’re currently using 3.6.3)

Is there a changelog xsd for V4.0.0? I noticed that the last one here is 3.9, so I wasn’t sure if there was one for 4.0.0 somewhere else, or if its just a case of using the 3.9 version?

Hi @devdave, I got help in answering this from @NathanVoxland:

The UUID improvement line is about https://github.com/liquibase/liquibase/pull/838
The 4.0.xsd and 4.1.xsd are both now available at the link you referenced.

I would say if you can upgrade to 4.0, which had a lot of fixes for pathing etc. It should make upgrades less painful in the future if you can make the 3.x -> 4.x transition.


Hi @ronak, thanks for the info. We’re definitely keen to upgrade to V4.0 and we’re working on getting it all sorted. We did have everything working ok, but I’ve just updated all of our changeset xml files to use the V4.0 xsd and now its broken one of our changesets, so I’ll need to find out how to fix it (I’m about to post another question in the forum and in discord to see if anyone knows how to fix it).


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Great @devdave! Remember, if you include command ran, lb properties file and changeset, as well as complete output that usually helps prevent back and forth to get issues resolved. If you do add these item, please make sure you scrub them of user id and passwords as well as any other sensitive info.