validating stored procedure code in liquibase

I am working on a project using liquibase to deploy teradata changes.

We plan to perform some validations on the code of stored procedures.

We plan to modify the current liquibase teradata extension.

For instance we would like to prevent users from creating cursors in the stored procedure, or to use transactions inside the stored procedure.

Do some liquibase users perform validations  on the contents of SQL objects driven by liquibase extensions ?

Are there some patterns which could be transposed for the particular use case I am dealing with ?

It is possible - this is just one small part of what Datical is doing with Liquibase. Our extensions to Liquibase are quite extensive though. We have a complete rules engine that can examine the changelog and any changes about to be applied and prevent deploying things that don’t align with the rules.

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Datical, Inc.