Version 3.1.1 writing status results to stderr?

Related to &, I think the status command is still writing the final success message Liquibase 'status' Successful to stderr.

It is sending exit code 0, however I’m using BuildMaster to automate it and it views anything written to stderr as an error / failure.

The reason it uses stderr is so that if you pipe the output of commands like updateSQL to a file you don’t get runtime messages mixed in with the output you want to save.

Is there a way to configure BuildMaster to be ok with some stderr output?


I can turn that off on each step, and had to do that with the database update.

I was trying to find a way to know automatically when the update fails, and it seemed that Liquibase was reporting 0 even when an update failed.

However, as I was outlining the scenario to post it here, I noticed that my wrapper scripts to the update call that are not properly capturing and reporting the exit code from Liquibase.

So in summary, I’ll be able to get what I need from the exit codes, thanks!

Glad you figured out the problem.