XML file for Oracle & SQL Server


I am new to liquibase. I have a requirement as follows:
I do have a combination of DDL & DML statements for SQL Server and Oracle in two separate files.
Let us name it as Oracle.sql and SQLServer.sql.

I need to combine both into one single XML file which would say Common.xml for liquibase.
Do you have any examples?


You can use the tag.  Since you just want each ran on only one database type, you would probably want to use:



You will not be able to just append to your .sql files, though, because once liquibase run it once against a database, it does not track how much of it had ran, just that it did.  Going forward, it may make more sense for you to keep appeding new chageSets in XML format to the common.xml file since most will run fine on both sqlserver and oracle.  If you prefer sql, you may want look at the new formatted sql support in liquibase 2.0.