Anyone integrated liquibase-cassandra in springboot app

Has anyone integrated liquibase-cassandra in springboot app.I am looking at the feasibility for the same but facing few issues initializing the datasource using the Simba driver.
Any inputs would be appreciated.


Hi @santoshtrip - Welcome to the Liquibase Community!

Have you been able to find any resources about integrating liquibase-cassandra in the Spring Boot app?

I haven’t been able to find anything that is directly about using Liquibase, Cassandra, Spring Boot and Simba, but this link was pretty close and maybe has some info that will help you:

This guide from 2019 shows how to set up Cassandra with spring and Liquibase: findinpath - Cassandra schema migrations on application startup


Thanks @tabbyfoo . I got a hang of these links too.
Appreciate you passing this info.


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You’re welcome, @santoshtrip! I try not to assume that folks have good google skills, and I like sharing the info in case someone else has a similar problem later. Were you able to resolve the issues you were having with the Simba driver?