Issues using Simba driver for liquibase-cassandra

Came across an issue using liquibase-cassandra when I tried it with a sample SpringBoot app with Simba Driver.

Error trace below :

Caused by: Error creating Driver, Driver class name incorrect. at com.simba.cassandra.dsi.core.impl.DSIDriverFactory.createDriver(Unknown Source) ~[CassandraJDBC42.jar:na]
… 21 common frames omitted

**Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: class com.simba.cassandra.jdbc42.Driver cannot be cast to class com.simba.cassandra.dsi.core.interfaces.IDriver (com.simba.cassandra.jdbc42.Driver and com.simba.cassandra.dsi.core.interfaces.IDriver are in unnamed module of loader 'app')**
… 22 common frames omitted

Below code for the same:

 com.simba.cassandra.jdbc42.DataSource ds = new com.simba.cassandra.jdbc42.DataSource();
       SpringLiquibase liquibase = new SpringLiquibase();

Any inputs appreciated.

Hey @santoshtrip :wave:

Is this related to/the same issue from your other post?

Yes, Thats right.
Thanks @tabbyfoo