Liquibase and Cassandra

So the Simba JDBC drivers are not free anymore. In fact you cannot even download the driver for the trial period of 20 days without having a “business” email. So there is no way a developer or techie can download and use the Simba JDBC driver, even for the trial period. However, we were able to install the ODBC driver without issue. Can Liquibase please publish instructions on how to use the ODBC driver and how to configure your file? Also there are other JDBC drivers available, how do we get them and use them with Liquibase? Thanks!

We’re in the early stages of looking at a new open source driver for Cassandra. Here is the link to the active development branch.

I’m aware of additional development work is currently occurring, but those changes haven’t been committed back to the branch. I suggest watching/participating (if you have expertise in this area) as the work develops.

The Liquibase Cassandra extension was recently update to work with the Open Source Cassandra JDBC wrapper instead of the previously used Simba JDBC driver.

This is now available with the latest Liquibase Cassandra extension v4.25.1

The new Cassandra installation instructions are available here: