Connecting to Azure SQL MI using Azure AD Integrated

I’m using Liquibase 4.21.1 (Pro, a trial license). Trying to connect to an Azure SQL MI server using Active Directory Integrated option. Connection fails with error

“Caused by: Failed to authenticate the user in Active Directory (Authentication=ActiveDirectoryIntegrated). User Realm request failed”

Host machine: Windows 10, joined to a domain, federated with Azure AD. Target SQL MI is on that Azure AD.

I am getting this error both when running Liquibase directly on the host OS (Windows), and as a Docker container on this machine.

Another enterprise DB devops automation tool (also in Java) doesn’t have issues connecting to this SQL MI database - and does not ask me for credentials, so I’m wondering if there’s any way to configure Liquibase with Azure AD Integrated? I didn’t have to do basically any special provisioning (such as downloading gazillion dependencies or setting up Kerberos-related extensions for Java) to make that other tool work, however with Liquibase I already had to spend significant time configuring necessary SQL Server driver, MSAL4J and its dependencies.

I have some tokens provisioned under ~/.azure folder (using az login CLI command).

Liquibase properties file looks like this:

changeLogFile: /liquibase/changelog/dbchangelog.xml
url: jdbc:sqlserver://;authentication=ActiveDirectoryIntegrated;databaseName=REDACTED;encrypt=true;trustServerCertificate=true
licenseKey: MY_TRIAL_KEY