Disable checkLiquibaseTables in the CommandStep system

Hi everyone,
I have a question regarding the deprecated
update(Contexts contexts, LabelExpression labelExpression, boolean checkLiquibaseTables)
As it looks the checkLiquibaseTables is ignored now and the table checks always run.
What would be the new way in the CommandStep system to disable the Liquibase table checks?
Thanks in advance already.

Hi @MartinKr,

There’s a change in the works that will come out with the next release. Once the release is out, the following code should accomplish your goal

CommandScope updateCommand = new CommandScope(UpdateToTagCommandStep.COMMAND_NAME);

updateCommand.addArgumentValue(DbUrlConnectionCommandStep.DATABASE_ARG, getDatabase());

updateCommand.addArgumentValue(UpdateToTagCommandStep.CHANGELOG_FILE_ARG, changeLogFile);

updateCommand.addArgumentValue(UpdateToTagCommandStep.TAG_ARG, tag);

// This is the new value that disables the check
updateCommand.addArgumentValue(DatabaseChangelogCommandStep.UPDATE_CHECKSUMS, false);