Documentation is a little misleading on the output text

Hi Liquibase Team.

I have a small thing to note here, hope it makes sense and might add value to the existent documentation overall (as it is present in more places, not only on the example below).

In example, looking over:
So the “issue” I see is that on many of the docs pages/places, the pattern is the following:

  1. Command (or whatever) explained.
  2. Example given
  3. Output provided

Now on the output section, in a lot of cases, I see something like “Liquibase Pro 3.9.0 by Datical licensed to Liquibase Pro Customer until…”.
This makes me think (especially when in a hurry)… hmm, this is targeting Liquibase Pro (only), let me go to the next tab…
Usually this is not the case (I mean, the item “covers” Community and other versions as well) but I need to do an extra “step” and search this info or test it locally.

My suggestion is either:
A. re-write all output and maybe use the Community version (this would translate into “covering” all cases “going up”) and of course use Pro where needed - this is a little too “expensive” in terms of work to do I think.
B. Place a flag or any type of note on each page/place that clearly states that this applies to X, Y, Z version of Liquibase (I have seen this in many places but not in all).

Hope this helps, thanks for the long read,

Hello, @EduardUta - thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I’ve passed it on to the documentation team to check it out. :slight_smile: