New Liquibase Site: Looking for feedback.

I like the left hand navigation.

In the both the old and the new documentation the most important page for me is, formerly

While I appreciate the goal of turning most (if not all) of these items into plugins, I would like see a way to find bundled as well as 3rd party changes directly from the main documentation page.

For me personally I would be happy to move the “Major Concepts” column to the bottom of the home page or to a subpage in order to get the changes listed on the top page.

I am working on moving the liquibase site and documentation. If you could take a look at and let me know what you think, that would be great.

New new documentation will be managed via github for hopefully easier management, plus I will be able to generate an offline version as well. Should be considerably faster as well.

I haven’t gone through and updated all missing/out of date documentation yet, but that is coming. The first step is the initial move.


I have been thinking about how to better incorporate plugin functionality into the main documentation. Most of the dokuwiki->github port was just moving content over, but the change pages are now generated from the source rather than manually created. The plan is to then be able to generate docs from any change plugins as well and have them integrated in one form or another. I still need to work out a good way to manage that, first I’m concentrating on getting the bundled changes generating correctly.

I could easily include the changes in the left nav for the entire doc section, like it is on the change pages, although would that make all the pages too long?

I like the major concepts section on the main doc page because I think it will help orient people on how everything fits together and what to look for, but for returning people it would be good to have the change documentation more strongly linked.

Perhaps there may be room for the list of Changes as well. Maybe a dropdown or multi-column list.



Thanks for such a great tool.

One thing that seems to be missing is that the current site doesn’t have any download links. So, I have no idea on how to download Liquibase other than downloading the code via Github and building.

Thanks. Got it fixed. The links are back on


Hey, Nathan.

I am a little lost. I might be wrong (and probably I am), but isn’t currently presented documentation a little from other dimension? For example this page: says that tag has subtag. AFAIK it is not true for 2.x branch and AFAICS it is not true for head too. I am almost (yeah…) sure that in previous page design this documentation was ok. So… what’s going on? Wasn’t current documentation copied from the previous one?

Anyway, new design is great.

New site looks good. Examples need work. “A String” isn’t very helpful… :slight_smile:

<changeSet author=“liquibase-docs” id=“sqlFile-example”> <sqlFile dbms=“h2, oracle” encoding=“A String” endDelimiter=“A String” path=“A String” relativeToChangelogFile=“true” splitStatements=“true” stripComments=“true”>A String