How to move data

Hello, I’m using liquibase for our product running in production…
I would like to refactor the structure of DB, some fields are on a Table and should be moved on another one.
Those fields contain data and I would like to move them.

I’m thinking about to create the new field, execute an SQL command that move the data from one table’s field to the newly created and then delete the old field.

The SQL command, seems to be a bit too specific, and I would like to know if another solution exist ?

Thank you


There is if you are creating a lookup table based on existing data.  If you are just moving the column, we do not have a built-in refactoring for that now.  It would be do-able and you could wrap it up in a custom change or extension even, but we don’t have one yet. 

You can also do it as a combination of steps and blocks.