I'm thinking the next release will be 2.0, no 1.4 support.

I am feeling like the refactoring I am doing in trunk is enough to push us to 2.0, especially since I have been finding that using 1.5 constructs and methods will keep the codebase simpler. 

My current plan is to continue on trunk toward a 2.0 release that will be significantly cleaned up internally, but should impact end users as little as possible.  I’ve toyed with the idea of making .xsd changes and don’t think that will be worth doing for the pain that could cause.  I am thinking the checksum generation will change, but that is another post…

I created a /branches/1_9 branch to continue maintenance of the the 1.9 codeline.  This will keep a version with no end-user changes required, and will continue to support java 1.4.

I’m really happy with how the refactoring is coming along.  I think we are going to end up with a much cleaner and more flexible product.