Will there be a 2.0.4 release?


as I saw on the blog, the next release will be a 3.0 but it seems it is going to take a while.

Until then … is there a 2.0.4 release planned?

Furthermore I’m also interested in CORE-641. It is targeted for 3.0 but I provided a patch for the 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT version.
Would it be possible to review and (if it is acceptable) include it in a 2.0.4?



I’m not against a 2.0.4 release. The main problem is time. There is a lot left to do for 3.0, and it tends to have the larger architecture changes needed for the bug fixes most asked for, but it is also taking much longer than I hope. Add in changes to the documentation I would like to get done and some other tasks and there is a general lack of time on my part.

There are some good bugs with existing patches, however, that would be great candidates for a 2.0.4 release.

I posted  http://blog.liquibase.org/2012/04/what-would-you-want-in-a-2-0-4-release.html  looking for suggestions on what to include.