Integration of Liquibase with GitLab

Hi Everyone, I am planning to integrate Liquibase with GitLab on my local machine to learn Liquibase from CI/CD perspective. It would be great if someone could please advise me regarding my queries mentioned below -

  • On a RHEL 8 server, I need to install Liquibase, JDK, GitLab Runner, Git, in order to get the integration working, correct?

  • If I need to integrate Liquibase in a build tool such as Maven, I need to have Maven installed on the same server mentioned above?

  • If the setup mentioned above is correct, I can service target databases (running on other servers) using Liquibase installed in its own dedicated server, no?

Hello @yeshassiddi - welcome to the Liquibase Community.

One of my teammates wrote a blog about how to bring DevOps to the database using GitLab and Liquibase. You can read it here:

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Thank you, @tabbyfoo ! This link is really helpful.

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