Liquibase genschema fails with unique constraint when inserting into databasechangelog_export

I’m new to liquibase, and DB source control in general. I was trying to run the genschema command to generate the initial files for my base schema (never having run this tool before), and I’m getting a unique contraint when a liquibase procedure tries to insert into a liquibase table. Has anyone seen this before? I have a large schema, about 20 years old.

Connected to: Oracle Database 19c Standard Edition 2 Release - Production Version

SQL> lb genschema
[Method loadCaptureTable]:
[Type - TYPE_SPEC]:                         1089 ms
[Type - TYPE_BODY]:                          203 ms
[Type - SEQUENCE]:                           336 ms
[Type - DIRECTORY]:                           36 ms
[Type - CLUSTER]:                           2187 ms
[Type - TABLE]:                            63056 ms
[Type - MATERIALIZED_VIEW_LOG]:               31 ms
[Type - MATERIALIZED_VIEW]:                   56 ms
[Type - VIEW]:                              2846 ms
[Type - REF_CONSTRAINT]:                   20798 ms
[Type - DIMENSION]:                           29 ms
[Type - FUNCTION]:                           430 ms
[Type - PROCEDURE]:                          124 ms
[Type - PACKAGE_SPEC]:                       639 ms
[Type - DB_LINK]:                             51 ms
[Type - SYNONYM]:                             55 ms
[Type - INDEX]:                             6052 ms
[Type - TRIGGER]:                          11961 ms
[Type - PACKAGE_BODY]:                      9851 ms
[Type - JOB]:                                 81 ms
[Method loadCaptureTable]:                119911 ms
[Method processCaptureTable]:            1351713 ms
[Method sortCaptureTable]:

Export Flags Used:

Export Grants           false
Export Synonyms         false
Processing has failed for your request.
ORA-00001: unique constraint (SCHEMAOWNER.DATABASECHANGELOG_EXPORT_PK) violated

Hi @pwj21090 ,

You may want to use the following command to capture the current state of your database : generateChangeLog
You can find the detailed document here