Liquibase leaves temp files behind

It looks like a bug, I’m seeing it on my windows system as well. They should be set as “delete on JVM shutdown” but it does not appear to be working.

I created to track it


I’m finding that if one uses the otherwise handy feature of specifying an do appear to be cleaned up.

Bug, or system problem (SuSE)?


Is this a problem in liquibase 3.0?  I discovered it on my site when I kept getting reports that my build server was comsuming too many resources.  As we tracked it down it seems to be the large number of mostly empty temp directories.

I build my liquibase configurations using maven and the shade plugin which places all resources into a single jar file.

Forgot to mention I am running centos 5.8

It still is a problem in 3.0, but it is on my short list of issues to clean up before 3.0 GA.