Multiple Datasources with servlet listener

First, stellar project! 

I am evaluating Liquibase vs. Flyway to help with database maintenance/management.  After reading through much of the documentation I have some lingering questions that I hope the community could help me with.

Can Liquibase create databases on application install? that is, when the web application is deployed for first time and servlet listener initiates change set.  if not, are there any recommended projects/best practices/patterns?

In reference to servlet listener, noticed that theres room for only one jndi source, where as my application has 3 databases involved.  Is it possible to enable liquibase to maintain multiple databse schemas through servlet listener?

Thanks in advance!

(Sorry for the slow reply, been behind with the holidays)

Question 1: it depends on what you mean by “create database”.  Liquibase needs to have at least a blank database to run against, it cannot run a “create database” SQL command for example.  If you have that, however, liquibase certainly can bring a blank database up to the current state.  It simply replays all the changes built up over time. 

Liquibase does assume only one database connection.  If you have mulitple databases, you would probably want/need to have a seperate databasechangelog for each.  To handle that, you would need a to write your own servlet listener, although that should be very straightforward.