Liquibase 3.5 CORE-2553

does anyone know the syntax for disabling reorg statement when adding columns to a DB2 database tables (as described in liquibase v3.5 CORE-2553)

It somewhat depends on how you run liquibase - from the command line, via the maven plugin, or something else?

In each of the cases, you would set the property autoReorg to true or false. If you are running liquibase from the command line using liquibase.bat or, you can either:

  • add a Java system property to the command line: -Dliquibase.autoReorg=[true|false]

  • set a property in a file - I don’t think you need the liquibase prefix in that case, just autoReorg=[false|true]

If you were using the maven plugin, you would set the property the same way you set other liquibase properties in the plugin. 

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Datical, Inc.