Possible to disable reorg table command on DATABASECHANGELOG and DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK?


We are using Liquibase on DB2 for our database with column-organized tables. One thing with column-organized table is that you are not allowed to run “reorg table”, it is taking care by the database itself. Running reorg table will result with db2 throwing an error. 

SQL1667N  The operation failed because the operation is not supported with the 

type of the specified table.  Specified table: "DATABASECHANGELOG".  Table 

type: "ORGANIZE BY COLUMN".  Operation: "REORG TABLE".  SQLSTATE=42858

Is it possible to disable the execution of reorg table on the two tables?


Maybe provide an option to create the two table with “ORGANIZED BY ROW” which will allow the “reorg table” command. Without specify how the table is organized, the create table command will default to whatever the database is configured to, which is “organized by column”.

Thank you.