Using Oracle Wallet?

Has anyone found a way to set up liquibase to use an oracle wallet?

Interestingly, searching the main liquibase site or the forums came up blank, but google found this in Jira:

Those instructions appear a little out of date, like “finest” is no longer a valid debug level. Hopefully, we can get a little bet better documentation on this, since my Googlings were sparse.

Here’s how I got this to work:
java"%TNS_ADMIN%"\app\wallet -jar lib/liquibase.jar --driver=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver --classpath=“lib/ojdbc6.jar;lib/oraclepki.jar;lib/osdt_core.jar;lib/osdt_cert.jar” --url=jdbc:oracle:thin:/@CONNECTOR --logLevel=DEBUG --logFile=liquibase.logFile --changeLogFile=changelog.xml --driverPropertiesFile=“D:/code/LiquibaseTest/lib/wallet.ora” updateSQL >> output.sql

I’m launching out of d:\code\LiquibaseTest. From there, I have a lib folder where I dropped the liquibase.jar and ojdbc, plus the libraries that the Wallet use: oraclepki, osdt_core, and ostdt_cert. My Wallet lives in: D:\app\wallet.

The contents of the wallet.ora are:
   (METHOD_DATA =      (DIRECTORY = d:\app\wallet)    )  )

So, you want this to be the path to where your Wallet files live. This seems to be redundant to the, but I needed to have both when I ran this command (I tested a couple different configurations). I also have sqlnet.ora configured with the same information (this is used to launch SQL Plus with the Wallet, and also lives with tnsnames.ora). You can replace the custom driverPropertiesFile that I have with the full path to the sqlnet.ora file so as to not maintain two. So, --driverPropertiesFile="%TNS_ADMIN%/sqlnet.ora" will also work in this example.

CONNECTOR is my configured Wallet connector alias for my credentials. So, I can also do: sqlplus /@CONNECTOR  to get connected (requires sqlnet.ora configuration like above as part of optional Wallet setup).

Lastly, should be the path to where tnsnames.ora lives, but not including tnsnames.ora (I made that mistake, too). I set this up in an environment variable, which is optional.